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If you have a Bluetree website and you are looking for help or support, please don't fill out this form, but instead visit (login required - click the Get Help button at the top of your Bluetree site for details).

If you are trying to contact your local Member of Parliament or councillor, please Google their name and contact them directly. We cannot pass on casework enquiries on your behalf. For the Conservative Party itself, please visit

If you're looking for our website platform and digital support for APPGs, please visit

If you are not involved in the Conservative Party (UK), but you'd like to enquire about political websites, data and other digital tools, please contact us via our sister site, Democra

If you're looking for Campaign Toolkit (previously called BluePrint), for printed literature and templates, please visit the Campaign Toolkit website (login required)

Bluetree is owned and operated by an independent agency. For media enquiries, please contact the Conservative Party on 0207 222 9000.

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